• Can you help me with building a good team? I don't know much about passive skills, links etc. I have two good and strong teams, or at least I believe they're good, but still I have some trouble with most events to get the special awekaning medals.

    And I'm saving the elder Kais for SSJ4 Vegeta but if I shouldn't get him, on who should I use them? Or keep them for the new Gogeta that comes in a few months?


    Majin Botti

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    • looks like you could make a super rainbow team with a VB lead

      Lead - Vegito Blue

      STR Gogeta, TEQ SSB Vegeta, STR SS3 Vegeta, AGL SSB Goku, INT Trunks

      or possibly a mono-INT team

      Lead - Buuhan

      baby, cell, golden frieza, vegeta and trunks

      not sure how well these teams will do - but try and awaken as many as you can so they are actually super/extreme types - and then focus on dokkaning - gogeta is probably an easy event to dokkan.

      With regards to elder kais - you should get atleast another 4 over next few weeks with the log in bonus and world tournament - it took me about 500 stones to get ss4 vegeta, so its quite a long shot that you will get him - i'd wait until the banner finishes but if you decide not to wait then your best cards to raise SA are gogeta (attacks effective against all types) and Vegito Blue (your best super lead) - other options are INT baby and Buuhan but my priority has always been super characters (purely because i tend to pull them more)

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    • Thanks for your reply and help! I will try both teams :) But which TEQ SSB Vegeta, as I have two? I assume the one from the Future Trunks arc, as I only read bad things about the SSB Vegeta with the ressurection F/Universe 6 arc clothes

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    • saiyan tenacity SSB vegeta - although the resurection F Vegeta can mini nuke with +15% ATK per TEQ orb obtained....

      try both out and see what works for you. You could probably make a villains team aswell.

      Lead SS Rose black

      AGL Golden Frieza (Tank), STR Zamasu, INT Buuhan, INT Baby, then possibly Cooler (links with Frieza i think) or any other decent villain - have a play around in boss rush and see what works - but you need to awaken a lot of cards to make them super or extreme

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    • Okey, thx! :) I will try it out ^^

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    • let me know how you get on

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    • Feed  Vegito Blue, Rose or Gogeta with your Elder Kais.

      Buuhans SA can be farmed, so it's not necessary to spend them on him

      If u would have a decent STR-Leader, then your STR-Mono would rock

      U could try a "semi"-mono-team with Vegito Blue as your leader.

      Leader: Vegito Blue

      Team: Gogeta, Paikuhan, SSJ3 GT Goku, SSJ3 Goku, GT SS Trunks

      Friend: SSJ4 Goku

      Semi mono team
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    • I tried it out with boss rush. It worked very well for the most part. The "super rainbow team" is pretty good! The INT team had some problems against a certain type. And for the villain team I replaced Cooler, he doesn't link with Frieza, with INT Perfect Cell (who I dokkan awakaned last night) or AGL "Angel" Cell, I can't remember who and due to maintanence I can't check xD And the semi-mono STR team did also pretty well ^^ Thank you guys again for your help! :D

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    • Can soemone help me too with making a good team
      IMG 1164
      IMG 1165
      IMG 1166
      IMG 1167
      IMG 1168
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    • can you create a box on

      hurts my eyes looking at those pics lol

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    • A FANDOM user
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