• Can you guys lend me a hand in making the best team(s) for the Super Strikes?

    I'm kind of a dud when it comes to make teams but I give my best xD

    Any help is appreciated 
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    • Relatively new player I guess? I suggest you Try the TEQ super Strike Events First with the follwing Team:

      INT Nappa (L) (Great ape and Very Good INT Leader)

      Buucolo (Health)

      SSR Coora (Cooler) (Try you missed your chance to Dokkan him when the event was out, Try to Dokkan him next)

      SSR Trunks (Future) (Great Attacker)

      INT #18 (Ki Changer)

      SR Bulma (Possible Stuns)

      Use any possible friend that gives you Ki)

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    • My general rule of thumb is to not throw away all of your SR cards. Also, form a team of no more than 52 cost and then bring in either Gogeta or Super Vegito friend.

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