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Event Training in the clouds big

Difficulty Boss Type Characters Exp. Rank Exp. Possible Drops
Hard 10 Thum 1003440 1 INT icon 30 000 3000 Awakening 1Awakening 2Awakening 3Awakening 4
Support 1Support 2Support 3Support 4
Training 1Training 2Training 3Training 4
Thum 1002240 1 AGL icon 50 000 3000
Thum 1001170 1 TEQ icon 70 000 3000

Additional Information
  • You can do this event thrice daily ( only on special events)
  • The Drop rate for Supreme kai medal and Old kai medal is increased
  • You can only move 1, 2 or 3 spaces at a time
  • There is now a stop on whoever you face (Mr. Popo, Goku, or Piccolo) so you have no choice but to get that experience.
Korin Missions
  • 1 DS icon - Clear "Training in the Clouds" once
  • 1 DS icon - Clear "Training in the Clouds" 3 times
  • 2 DS icon - Clear "Training in the Clouds" 5 times
  • 3 DS icon - Clear "Training in the Clouds" 7 times
  • 1 Supreme kai - Clear "Training in the Clouds" 10 times
  • 1 Old kai - Clear "Training in the Clouds" 15 times

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