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Event Master roshi training big

"On the path of Budo one does not strive for victory over an opponent...
One strives to avoid defeat by one's own hand!
Come and train with Master Roshi to obtain the Training Items that will give you tons of EXP!"

Difficulty Boss Type Drop Rank XP Characters XP Rate DS icon
Normal 10 Thum 1005450 1 INT icon 1 Random type Platinum Turtle Shell
Platinum Turtle Shell AGL Platinum Turtle Shell TEQ Platinum Turtle Shell INT Platinum Turtle Shell STR Platinum Turtle Shell PHY
1500 750 1-5 1
Thum 1003530 1 STEQ icon 5

Additional Information
  • You can do this event once a day.
  • Platinum Turtle Shell gives at least 300,000 EXP each.
  • IF you fightThum 1003530 1as the boss, you will receive 5 platinum turtle shells. Thum 1003530 1 appears in random.

Mission Rewards
  • Clear this event 3 times to receive 2 Xmas coin 02 as a reward.