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Event awakening ki ultimate power big

Difficulty Boss R. Exp. C. Exp. Type Drop DS icon
Level 1 : Unawakened Ability
Normal 10 Thum 2000020 1 TEQ icon No 1
Hard 15 Thum 1000270 1 INT icon No 1
Zhard 20 1st = Thum 1003250 1
2nd = Thum 1003260 1
SAGL icon
SINT icon
No 1
Level 2 : The Extreme Force
Zhard 40 1st = Thum 1003830 1
2nd = Thum 1002020 1
3rd = Thum 1006700 1
15000 80000 SSTR icon
SPHY icon
SINT icon
Elder kai 1

Additional Information
  • Gohan's "Ultimate Awakening" functions similar to Broly's Rampage: He takes reduced damage and deals bonus damage, and occassionally randomizes the Ki spheres on the board.
  • These Extreme "Buu" characters can foil "Ultimate Awakening" and require no activation but take effect automatically when attacking or after being attacked,
    NewDokkanBuuThum 1001940 1Thum 1006710Thum 1004570 1••Thum 1003310 1Thum 1003770 1Thum 1005000 1Thum 1001970 1Thum 1008140••Base Buu Ultimate intBase Buu ultimate pre dokk intThum 1003560••Thum 1008120Thum 1003550 1••PHY Super Buu Thumnail Real 2Thum 1001960 1Thum 1004410 1••Thum 1008110Thum 1003570 1••Thum 1001950 1Thum 1004560 1••Thum 1008130••Thum buubidi
  • To defeat Gohan, you need characters with the Link Skill The Wall Standing Tall: ATK +15%, and "Foils the True Power" of the enemy,
    Thum 1008830Thum 1004940 1Thum 1000070 1Thum 1000080 1Thum 1001720 1 Thum 1002560 1Thum 2000700 1Thum 1001710 1

  • Gohan's ability only triggers in Z-Hard and from the2nd Battle then on!

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