Event SS3 Broly dokkan big
Chara banner 1011171 smallChara banner 1011181 small
"Stand up! Don't succumb to enthusiastic combat. Defeat the devil of despair!"
Difficulty Boss Type Drop Rate EXP CEXP Zeni DS icon
Level 1: All-Time Nastiest Evolution
Zhard 40 1stThum 2000620 12ndThum 2000760 1Thum 2000630 1
3rdThumb 1007450
PHY iconPHY iconEPHY icon
PHY icon
Broly SS3 3 15k 60k 25k 1
Super2 1stThum 2000620 12ndThum 2000760 1Thum 2000630 1
3rdThumb 10074504thURTEQSSJ3BrolyThumb
PHY iconPHY iconEPHY icon
PHY iconETEQ icon
Broly SS3 7 18k 120k 35k 1
Additional information
  • 2nd fight you only need to defeat Thum 2000760 1
  • 3rd & 4th Broly raises his defense with Iron Wall skill and reduces his received damage. Characters with the Link Skill Limit-Breaking Form can break through this barrier. A critical will also deal normal damage.
    • URTEQSSJ3BrolyThumbURPHYSSJ3BrolyThumbSSRSSJ3BROLYTHUMB••SSRINTSS3GohanThum••LR SSJ3 GokuThum 1003210 1Thum 1005030 1Thum 1004220 1••Thum 1010260Thum 1008890Thum 1010250Thum 1010240••Thumb ss3 tur goku aglThum 1003040Thum 1006750Card 1011740 thumb••Thumb SS3 Goku GT 33••GotenksSSJ3 baseURPHYSS3GotenksThumbGotenks ssr teq D baseSSRPHYSS3GotenksThumb••URTEQSS3TeenGotenksThumb••SSRAGLSS3TrunksThum••TEQDokkanSSJ3A7556Thum 1003240 1Thumb 6717••Thumb ss3 tur vegeta gt strThum 1008760••Thumb 1011780Thumb 1011770Thumb 1008190
  • URTEQSSJ3BrolyThumb in the 4th stage has 7 health bars and cannot be stunned nor sealed. 
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