Event SS3 Broly dokkan big
"Collect the Awakening Medals to Dokkan Awaken Super Saiyan 3 Broly!"
"Stand up! Don't succumb to enthousiatic combat. Defeat the devil of despair."
Chara banner 1011171 smallChara banner 1011181 small
Difficulty Boss Type Drop Rate EXP CEXP Zeni DS icon
Level 1: Evils Turn of Evolution
Zhard 40 1stThum 2000620 12ndThum 2000760 1Thum 2000630 1
3rdThumb 1007450
PHY iconPHY iconEPHY icon
PHY icon
Broly SS3 3 15k 60k 25k 1
Super50 1stThum 2000620 12ndThum 2000760 1Thum 2000630 1
3rdThumb 10074504thURTEQSSJ3BrolyThumb
PHY iconPHY iconEPHY icon
PHY iconETEQ icon
Broly SS3 7 18k 120k 35k 1
Additional information
  • 2nd fight you only need to K.O Thum 2000760 1(like rose and zamasu)
  • 3rd & 4th Broly raises his defense with Iron Wall skill and reduces damage. Characters with the Link Skill Limit-Breaking Form can break through this
    • Thum 1003210 1Thum 1005030 1Thum 1004220 1•••Thum 1010260Thum 1008890Thum 1010250Thum 1010240•••Thum 1003040Thum 1006750Card 1011740 thumb•••Thumb SS3 Goku GT 33•••URTEQSSJ3BrolyThumbURPHYSSJ3BrolyThumbSSRSSJ3BROLYTHUMB•••GotenksSSJ3 baseURPHYSS3GotenksThumbGotenks ssr teq D baseSSRPHYSS3GotenksThumb•••URTEQSS3TeenGotenksThumb•••TEQDokkanSSJ3A7556Thum 1003240 1Thumb 6717•••Thum 1008760
  • URTEQSSJ3BrolyThumb has 7 health bars and cannot be stunned or sealed. 
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