Vegeta is thinking about how kakarot is always one step ahead of him as everyone is fighting in the tournament, distracting him from being useful. As the Z-Fighters fall off the stage one-by-one, Vegeta begins to realize that they are losing, suddenly, kakarot tells Vegeta in attempt to get him to focus the reason he is needed in the tournament, because the losing universes are destroyed. As Kakarot falls of the stage, leaving only Vegeta, all other universes turn their eyes to the last remaining Z-Fighter. Thinking only of protecting his newborn daughter, Vegeta pushes his Limits and unleashes a new technique, the Galic-Burst (Ideally this move would function similar to the Kaio-ken, with the difference being that while Kaio-ken drains the users stamina and strains the body, Galic-Burst would drain the body's energy at a rapid pace, depending on the level used, putting the body in an extreme state of exhaustion) Vegeta finishes off all the opposing fighters, and collapses from exhaustion. (I'm sorry about the wording and I apologize to anyone and everyone for the poor quality, I didn't have time to plan this out and it's my first time doing one of these, anyway, I hope you enjoy and leave your thought down below)