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Medal Broly
SS Goku x47 Thum 2000620 1SS Gokux3 ∞12? Thum 2000630 1maybe dupe

Thumb brokuSS Gokux35Thum 1009240

Medal Cell

Final instant transmissionx32

for GLB wait for JP increased drop rate.

Final instant transmission x364


Thum 1004540 1Final instant transmissionx3 ∞12? Thum 1004400 1dupe or sa level up,no
Thum 1001690 1Final instant transmissionx10Thum 1003760 1sa level up or dupe
Thum 1003300 1Final instant transmissionx10Thum 1004650 1

Thum 1000080 1Final instant transmissionx84Thum 1008830 4 dupes

Thumb celll strFinal instant transmissionx77Thumb cell strUR
Thum 1001700 1Final instant transmissionx35Thum 1009500 SSR God-hanFinal instant transmissionx77UR God-han
Thum 1003790 1Final instant transmissionx35Thum str ur A17 Thum 1003780 1Final instant transmissionx35Thum int ur A18

Medal Kid buu

Goku 3 x32



Japan serverGoku 3 x203


Thum 1004570 1Goku 3x ∞ 27 Thum 1004410 1Sa level up
Thum 1001970 1Goku 3x10Thum 1005000 1 Thum 1003770 1Goku 3x10Thum 1003310 1Card

Japan server
SRSTRBuffBuuGoku 3x21SSRSTRKidBuuThum 1001960 1Goku 3x35TURTEQSuperBuuThumb
SSRINTKidBuuGoku 3x77TURINTKidBuuThumbThum 1002460 1Goku 3x35TURINTVegeta
Thum 1002450 1Goku 3x35TURSTRGokuThumb

Medal SS3 Goku

Dragon ball x22


Thum 1004200 2Dragon ballx 39 ∞Thum 1005070 1dupes level up and SS3 angel sa level up ????
Thum 1001920 1Dragon ballx10Thum 1005030 1Card

Medal Gogeta
Gogeta x12 :O

Medal Janemba
Super Janemba x7 :O

Medal Full power Frieza
Goku vs frezea x17 Thum 1005020 1Goku vs frezeax3 ∞ 27 Thum 1004420 1sa level up?not worth it
Thum 1003320 1Goku vs frezeax10Thum 1004250 1Card

Medal Ult Gohan
Elder kai x7 :O

Medal SS3 Vegeta
Ssj3VegetaMedal x7 Thumb 5361Ssj3VegetaMedalx3 ∞12? Super Saiyan Vegeta (Angel) Thumbnail REALdoubtful

Medal Beerus

Awak med beerus x27



Thum 1002110 1Awak med beerusx3  ∞ 27Thumb 1005840sa level  beerus
Thum 1003360 1Awak med beerusx10Thumb 1004880 Thumb 1005630Awak med beerusx10Thumb 1005300

Medal Vegito
Awak med 05121 x154 :O

Medal Gotenks

SS3 Gotenks x189



Thum 1005090 1SS3 Gotenksx 189 Thumb ssgotenksteqsa level up
Thum 1005100 1SS3 Gotenksx 189 Thumb gotenksintsa level up

Japan server
Thum 1004720 1SS3 Gotenksx35Thum 1009860

Medal SSBKK Goku
Thumb awaken items 05141 x266 Thum 1002080 1Thumb awaken items 05141x35Thumb ssgssgoku 7258
Thum 1007920Thumb awaken items 05141x77Thumb ssgssgokukaioken 7441

Medal Buuhan

Awak med 05151 x189



Thum 1003550 1Awak med 05151x84?Thum 1008120dupe system
Thum 1003570 1Awak med 05151x84?x21Thum 1008110dupe system

Thum 1008140Awak med 05151x35Thum 1008130

Medal Golden Fireza

Awak med 05161 x301

Thum 1004090 1Awak med 05161x35Thumb agleGF
Thum 1002100 1Awak med 05161x35Thumb inteGF Thumb ESFGFAwak med 05161x77Thumb FORGF

Medal Shenron


Thum 1008720x35Thum 1006330

Thum vegeta LR UR x21

Medal Black

Awak med 05181 x98

Thum 1008840Awak med 05181x77Thum 1008850

Thum vegeta LR UR x21

Medal SSB Vegito
Awak med 05191 x56

Thum 1008860Awak med 05191x35Thum 1008870

Thum vegeta LR UR x21

Medal Rose
Awak med 05201 x21

Thum vegeta LR UR x21

Medal Arale
Medal arale dokkan x98 Thum 1009040Medal arale dokkanx21Thumb Arale INTDok  Thum 1008950Medal arale dokkanx77Thumb Arale DokPHY

Medal Blackasu Zamasack
ZamasuAwakeningMedal x77 xx SSRZamasuZamasuAwakeningMedalx77TURZamasu

Medal Sword Trunks
TrunksAwakeningMedal x168 Thum 1003290 1TrunksAwakeningMedalx35TURPHYTrunks Thum 1001800 1TrunksAwakeningMedalx35TURSTRTrunks


Thum vegeta LR UR x21

Medal SSB Vegeta

Awak med 05241 x182

Thum 1003600 1Awak med 05241x35Thum 1009720 Thum 1002090 1Awak med 05241x35Thum 1009740

Thum 1004080 1Awak med 05241x35Thum 1009730 Thum 1009750Awak med 05241x77Thum 1009590

Medal SS4 Vegeta
Awakening Medal SS4 Vegeta x147 zz Thum 1006030Awakening Medal SS4 Vegetax35Thumb Super Baby 33

Thum 1010010Awakening Medal SS4 Vegetax35Thum 1010020 Thum 1009820Awakening Medal SS4 Vegetax77Thum 1009830

Medal SS4 Goku
Awakening Medal SS4 Goku x147

Thum 1009990Awakening Medal SS4 Gokux35Thum 1010000
Thum 1006750Awakening Medal SS4 Gokux35Thumb SS3 Goku GT 33 Thum 1009420Awakening Medal SS4 Gokux77Thum 1009430

Medal Yamcha
Tien x1

Saibaman x1

Thum 1007330 1Saibamanx1Thum 1007340 1 Dupe system ? if bored enough

Medal Coora
Final Form Coora x168 Thum 1002490 1Final Form Coorax21Thum 1010190 Thumb 5858Final Form Coorax35Thum 1009110

Thum 1003610 1Final Form Coorax35Thum 1009100 Thum 1009080Final Form Coorax77Thum 1009090

Medal SS3 Angel Goku
Awak med 05281 x182

Thum 1010240Awak med 05281x77Thum 1010260 Thum 1004210 1Awak med 05281x35Thum 1010270
Thum 1005180Awak med 05281x35Thum 1010250

Thum 1005070japAwak med 05281x35Thum 1008890x 315 sa level up ???

Medal Bardock
PicsArt 03-16-09.27.06 x182 Thum 1010280PicsArt 03-16-09.27.06x77Thum 1010290 Thum 1001490 1PicsArt 03-16-09.27.06x35Thum 1010320
Thum 1004380 1PicsArt 03-16-09.27.06x35Thum 1010310 Super Saiyan Bardock TEQ ThumbnailPicsArt 03-16-09.27.06x35Thum 1010300

Medal Super 17
Awakening medal super 17 x154 Thum agl ssr S17Awakening medal super 17x77Thum agl ur S17
Thum agl ssr A17Awakening medal super 17x35Thum agl ur A17 Thum int ssr A17Awakening medal super 17x35Thum 1005800
Thum 1010520Awakening medal super 17x21Thum 1010820 Thum 1010530Awakening medal super 17x21Thum 1007170

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SS Goku x128 Final instant transmission x306 Goku 3 x26 Dragon ball x26 Gogeta x13 Super Janemba x17 Goku vs frezea x20 Elder kai x37 Ssj3VegetaMedal x30
Awak med beerus x30 Awak med 05121 x224 SS3 Gotenks x266 Thumb awaken items 05141 x224 Awak med 05151 x231 Awak med 05161 x224 Awak med 05171 x112 Awak med 05181 x77 Awak med 05191 x112
Awak med 05201 x112 Medal arale dokkan x98 ZamasuAwakeningMedal x77 TrunksAwakeningMedal x147 Awak med 05241 x182 Awakening Medal SS4 Vegeta x147 Awakening Medal SS4 Goku x147 Final Form Coora x168 Awak med 05281 x182
PicsArt 03-16-09.27.06 x182 Awakening medal super 17 x154