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aka SkyrocketAscension99

  • I live in The summer-forsaken city of Las Vegas
  • I was born on March 4
  • I am the dude using an FG-42 on Shipment 1944
  • Comrade SS

    Day 700 GLB Box

    June 24, 2018 by Comrade SS

    Full box:

    My Global account is the neglected one between the two. I have a decent amount of unawakened units and I still don't do much. I screw around with this account a lot. I have an SA 10 Towa, plan on making the PHY Mecha Frieza rainbow'd, and am pretty much low on a lot of resources. I also have only 12 stones in the fund for the 3rd Anniversary. But considering I'm going for Turles, Gogeta and Vegito are overrated anyways.

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  • Comrade SS

    To TUR. Let me know if I missed some.

    Newest Units

    Strike Units


    Dokkan Event SSRs

    World Tournament

    Baba Shop


    40% Supports That Do Need Attention Until 300% Leads

    DBH Characters


    (Can't wait for 2019: Android 19 in a thong)


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  • Comrade SS

    Card Ideas

    May 8, 2018 by Comrade SS

    I would add arts but I'm not exactly a good graphic designer.





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  • Comrade SS

    Like the others here, I too am here to show despair and the occasional N U T pull.

    Day 1: The Gulag

    Day 2: You went SS3 for that?

    Day 3: "I expected nothing and I'm still disappointed"

    3 Rs which were sold for Hercule's currency from Hell.

    Day 4: But what about the STRtenks attack on the Wookies?

    Day 5: Just a little bit of despair

    Day 6: 3 more Rs.


    Day 7: Oh boy

    An Android 19 R, SR Future 18, Sorbet.

    Day 8: Yeet

    SS4 Vegeta, R Ginyu, R Burter

    Day 9: The Big Hmm

    SR SS1 AGL Bardock, SR STR Yamcha, SR STR GT Vegeta

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  • Comrade SS
    Work in Progress

    Looking at now, Dokkan has quite a lot of units (especially Goku). But what are some things we still haven't seen or gotten? Possible spoilers or other things below. Because some things are so far Heroes exclusive, who knows if we'll see em.

    Honestly though, the game is 3 Years old and there's still plenty of room for Akatsuki to explore, which is nice.

    • Angel Z-Fighters (Yamcha, Krillin, Piccolo, Tien)
    • Chi-Chi (Kaioken-like Aura)
    • King Kai
    • Guru

    • Yardrat style Goku (There is one but he was only obtainable in an old VJUMP)

    • SS1 Gohan (RoSaT outfit)

    • SS2 Gotenks
    • Bibidi (as a unit)
    • The other 3 Supreme Kais that were killed/absorbed by Buu

    • Olibu
    • Angel Ginyu Force

    • Beebus and SS Hercule (could be joke units)
    • Ginyu as Tagoma
    • SSG Vegeta

    • Copy Vegeta

    • SS2 …

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