Here's are some poll results when I asked people to rate March of Anger Super Saiyan Bardock.

Screenshot 2016-06-18-20-34-41

The results sway towards just a decent card


  • Strong Leader for TEQ Teams
  • An Orb changer
  • Good stats
  • Seals SA
  • Compared to previous Bardocks, his super is boosted to a supreme multiplier
  • Two Ki +2 Links, which are Ready for War and Family Ties.


  • Can dick over a STR character in some cases (usually if on a Rainbow team and Bardock happens to be in the same attacking pattern with the STR)

Overall: March of Anger Super Saiyan Bardock is a strong TEQ character and can be an exceptional unit, especially on a Mono team. He has good stats, two Ki links, and a sealing super which is all good. The only true downside of this card is a rainbow team, which can problematic for any STR cards on it, especially if you rely on that characters super attack.