Holy cow! Every card I've been looking for I pulled! This is amazing! I did not pull any SSRs with my free Multi though, but oh well!
Screenshot 2017-04-28-11-40-33

1st Multi

I think I'm done summoning on this one. All I have left on the banner is SS3 Angel Goku and Beerus, and while Goku would be nice, I think I'm set for now. Should I do a multi on Janemba or save for the Super PHY lead?

Screenshot 2017-04-28-16-35-06

2nd multi

Screenshot 2017-04-30-03-49-06

My 3rd Multi

Screenshot 2017-05-03-01-31-05

My 4th Multi

Screenshot 2017-05-03-00-40-55

My 5th multi