NOTICE: This post only applies to Global. JP has Cooler, and Goku Black doesn't give Extreme types ki + 3, so this post won't help JP players.

So, most Mono teams revolve around using the God Leader every turn, but this is what made a Mono PHY Broly lead so bad. The other leaders have certain skills that helped them, Super Vegito had tanking and countering, Buuhan had debuffs and healing, Gotenks had debuffs and was one of the heaviest hitters in the game, and Omega also debuffed. Does Broly do any of these? Nope, he only attacks twice with Supreme damage. While this can rack up damage, it's still only barely harder than what other God Leads can do. With no other abilities, Broly quickly fell to the back of the pack.

But it turns out, Mono PHY shouldn't revolve around Broly. It should revolve around Goku Black, who debuffs, and hits like a truck! The key to this team is to use a Broly Lead, with a max SA Goku Black on your team. Then pick another max SA Goku Black as a friend. Since Goku Black gives Extreme types Ki + 3, this will make up for the 3 ki you get from the leader skill, instead of 6. If you want to use any Super types, then, you'll have to make sure they supply their own ki, or use items to get them to Super. For an example, I'm putting in the PHY team I'm going to use, when I Dokkan my Goku Black that is.

Thumb 1007460 Leader. Gives Ki and stat boosts in leader skill, attacks twice.

Thum 1008850glb On team and Friend. Most important card on the team, have one every round.

Thum 1004380 1 Sealer. Gives everyone in the round two ki. I pair him with one of the Goku Blacks.

Thum 1008580 Pretty good support unit, and can deal decent damage. Pair him or Goten with the other Black.

Thum 1006310 Good support unit on this team, will give everyone in the turn 3 ki. Pair him or Goku with Black.

Thum 1006670 1 Filler card that hits hard if he can get his Super off. SSB Vegito would fit in much better here.

Please comment down below if you use this setup, or did use it before Cooler came to JP. This setup makes Mono PHY really good, I tested it and KO'd TEQ Goku Black in the first turn, while my TEQ took two, sometimes three turns.

EDIT: It might be possible to run this team with a double Goku Black Lead, but I have not tried this yet. It would make it harder for Super types to get Super Attacks off, but it is a 30% difference in stats. It all comes down to what your team is and how lucky you are with orb drops.