Okay, if you watch Gaming/w Tallen, you'll know why I'm talking about this. So in his video, he says that before, when Godtenks came out, they didn't give PHY SSJ Gotenks a Dokkan Awakwen. Why? Bandai says that it would cause imbalance to the system. But recently, you see that SSJB Vegito can counter attack, block, and attack even more with a chance of a super ATK. Then you see SSJR Black get an insane ATK and Ki boost. Now with the dupe system, Black has a chance of attacking TWICE. AND with another SUPER ATTACK. Okay, maybe Bandai has gone a bit too far, it's fine. Nope, Arale comes to Dokkan Battle. What does she do? She's a mini demi-god RAINBOW leader. Then you see her Passive and Super ATK and then that's when you know Bandai doesn't care about balance anymore. So basically, what happened to the old "we need balance in the system"? Feel free to comment if you want to say anything.