I wanna ask if I should switch to my TEQ Majin Vegeta number team or stay with super Saiyan 4 Goku, TEQ nuking is very efficient though I'm worried about survivability if Majin Vegeta is in a bad rotation whereas Ssj4 Goku is good all-round but can't get rights very with quickly.

Super Saiyan 4 team:

Ssj4 Goku, Super Gogeta, Ssj3 Vegeta (tank), Paikhuan, Ssj2 Gohan and Goten.

TEQ nuker team:

Ssgss Goku, Majin Vegeta, either AGL or TEQ Golden frieza, Ssj3 Vegeta and because I don't know what else Vegito Blue and Super Gogeta. 

Which should I use? Feel free to suggest adjustments to either team.