It's like Lord of War. Frustrating and fascinating at the same time.

So I'm doing the last stage on global, to get 6 Single Summons on the Rising D's Banner. Of course I just got 6 SRs, but that's topic of an older blog.

I succeeded. How? Tank, Stun, Hit, Recover.

This is the used Team, with all notable adjustments.

Lead: Omega, dokkaned, SA 4, Critical 5, HP10370 ATK9453 DEF7791, Lower Def, Tank, Fierce Battle

INT Turles, dokkaned, SA 10, Combo 6, Evade 8 HP12630 ATK9279 DEF6255, Ki-Boost and Stun

Pan (Honey), SA 10, Combo 15, Critical 11, HP10277 ATK9557 DEF6099, Health, early SA, Stun 

SSJ3 Vegeta SA 1, Tank, Stun, Fierce Battle

SSJ Goku, Instant Transmission Crossover Dude, SA 10, Ki-Boost and Stun

Beerus SA 3, Fierce Battle and lower Def

Friend: Here it get's tricky... Praise the lord for the refresh Button!

It's LR Bro Ly. SA 20, at least high Critical as possible. So not Standard LR Bro Ly, what I would probably kill SecretSynergy for (yeah, you know why!), but even better. Some lucky guy, who had at least 2 of them, enough drops from Event and Elder Kais to feed him to become a big fat monster of destruction.

Items: Senzu, Dende, #8, Bulma Future.

Since every fight is a "new" battle, SSJ 3 Vegeta will tank a lot. All those AGL Enemies will still be tough.

First and second fight, SSB Goku and AGL Frieza can he hard. Goku, obviously cause of 3 times AGL in a row and Frieza, cause in the end he's AGL and, yeah, countdown, second turn he attacked first. Twice. So it was 3, Boom, done. Bummer. But Dokkan is a b...!

SSJ Vegito. You'll need SSJ 3 Vegeta and Fierce Battle for Bro Ly, or you are done. Speaking of Bro Ly, he needs that Lower Def! Keep that in mind. Same for Omega. 

And then there is this p of s Rosé. He made me use my last Item. So I sweat through the last fights, but Trunks couldn't handle the real heritage of the Sayians. He even turns PHY in progress. Loser. :D

Hope you get something out of this. It's possible, but it's hard work. Don't miss your dokkan modes, try to stun a lot. Good Luck!