• Mark Gabriel Gore

    Fake Dokkan ideas

    December 22, 2016 by Mark Gabriel Gore

    Ok so here we have a fake Dokkan event blog post just think of an event and post it in this blog. My first idea Assassin's Progress Stage 1: From 0.1 to 0.5 Z-Hard: Universe 6's Strongest Assassin Hit (z) Super: 1st: U6's Strongest Assassin Hit (z) 2nd: UR Time-Skip Improvement Hit 3rd: LR Ultimate Time-Skip Hit. Note: On Super 2nd fight on Hit can only be hit with super attacks. If attempting a normal attack Hit will time skip and stun that character. Bleak Future with Potaras. Stage 1: Fight with the Zamasus. Z-Hard: Zamasu and SSR Goku Black Stage 2: Unstoppable Fusion Ultimate: First: Calm SSJ Rose Fusion Zamasu. 2nd: Judgement White Fusion Zamasu(Ring of Light) 3rd: Beast Monster F. Zamasu (Wall of Light) 4th: Raging God Fusion Zamasu…

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