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  • Mazdafreak

    The team I used during WT 14 is nearly the same. I replaced Chiaoman with Majin Vegeta (didn't have him dokkaned at the time). The HP loss was a little annoying but he didn't super as often as I wanted. And when he did he didn't finish the job like Broly did (he KO'd them with 1 hit and Chiaoman didn't).
    Anyboy got any suggestions on how to improve this team? This is my box

    • lv. 150 - SA20 - 100% hidden potential unlocked
    • Combo attack lv. 17 so also high chance of double attack
    • Mainly for their Leader Skill +4 Ki
    • lv. 120 - SA10 - Potential unlocked until the paths (no dupes so far)
    • The first heavy hitter I got. Kept using him since he turns rainbow into teq spheres and does huge damage and helps Majin Vegeta now
    • lv. 120 - SA6 - potential unlocked…

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  • Mazdafreak

    My finished LRs

    July 14, 2017 by Mazdafreak

    My LR Cards with maxed SA and maxed Hidden Potential.

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