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  • MuniLedd

    I know that like, all of this is old news with the future Trunks arc being over for quite a bit, and the bad animation is no longer happening, but I felt like making this.

    Do I really need to explain myself with the bad animation?

    The fact that Trunks kills Zamasu doesn't trigger me, it's his arc he should get the kill. What triggers me is the way he did it. it took like 30-40 episodes and the entire population of Earth to kill Kid Buu, but in Super all it took was like 30 people and like 10 seconds to kill Zamasu, who was EXPONENTIALLY stronger than Buu. Not gonna lie though, Trunks slicing Zamasu in half was pretty awesome.

    welp that's about it, besides that nothing about Super triggers me, besides Vegeta's constant shafting, but I don't fe…

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  • MuniLedd

    The Greatest Blog

    February 16, 2017 by MuniLedd

    I don't know what to write ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Nvm I found something to put.

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