• Namekiankai

    update 01192017

    January 19, 2017 by Namekiankai

    renew tournament

    maybe difficulty and local ranking?

    box limit to 1000

    notice this does not mean 500 free slots, need to be unlocked by stones

    can summon even box is full

    GREAT! or farming LR android will be a chore.

    New updating screen

    now they finally replace the SRs with good cards

    grown file size

    Now it takes roughly 1.3 giga. if it grows like that without the ability to move data to sd card. i might forced to delete the game.

    I had already delete bunch of apps for it

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  • Namekiankai

    dokkan event note

    November 28, 2016 by Namekiankai

    rab a friend lr broly, then lead with lr android, take ssj vegito, tank gold frieza, ssj gogeta, ssj3 vegeta and god goku


    barely doable with mono teq

    doable with mono agl

    full agl

    full agl

    can do it with mono TEQ, waste item though

    godtenks goku SSJ gt bardock ssj turles(might change to vegito) future gohan beerus

    Dual godtenks

    ssj bardock


    ssj future gohan

    teq vegito

    -another gud teq-

    mono AGL 



    Greatsaiyaman2 (both STR)

    Gotenks faliure A

    Gotenks faliure B

    ssj Gotenks(phy)

    friend Gogeta

    easy win


    General blue

    Golden frieza AGL(that nuke one)

    ssj2 goku

    ssj2 gohan(teen)

    ultimate gohan

    dual Vegito Ultimate gohan purple(seal) gokussj2(ki)

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    S Strike team note

    November 23, 2016 by Namekiankai

    Name SAlv awaken? medal priority
    MFriezaphy 15 Y 0 done
    Cyborg Tao 15 Y 0 done
    Trunks(sword) 15 Y 0 done
    Gotenks slim 15 Y 0 done

    Name SAlv awaken? medal priority
    Vegeta 11 Y 0 low
    King cold 10 Y 0 low
    Jackie 5+4 Y 4 low
    A16 12 Y 0 low
    King Vegeta 10 Y 0 high
    Paikuhan 10 Y 0 low
    Mighty Mask 10 Y 0 low
    Chilled 11 Y 0 low
    Gotenks fat 11 Y 0 low
    xenotrunks 11 y 0 low
    tien 4 n 0 mid

    R celljr

    R hercule

    R pan

    SR veku(do not awaken this or piccolo lead will have over 52 cost)

    SR gotenks faliure A(could awaken this)

    Leader : SSR piccolo jr/ SSR Phy kid goku

    Friend: TUR broly(phy)(go with ki leader)

    TUR gogeta vegeto(go with kid goku)

    quite stable





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