Cell(done with INT,do not have TEQ,farm 1st form cell, need 21 for teq cell, have 7)

rab a friend lr broly, then lead with lr android, take ssj vegito, tank gold frieza, ssj gogeta, ssj3 vegeta and god goku

Basically done(no Tur undokkaned, card farmed)

rose goku


fusion zamasu

barely doable with mono teq

hope trunks

doable with mono agl


full agl

blue vegeta

full agl

Golden frieza(Agl awaken, no others.2 now)

can do it with mono TEQ, waste item though

godtenks goku SSJ gt bardock ssj turles(might change to vegito) future gohan beerus

Gotenks:(have 2 free and one godtenks, 56 now )

Dual godtenks

ssj bardock


ssj future gohan

teq vegito

-another gud teq-

Gogeta:(done with SGogeta and veku)

mono AGL 

Buu:(3 awaken, farm fatbuu? )



Greatsaiyaman2 (both STR)

Gotenks faliure A

Gotenks faliure B

ssj Gotenks(phy)

friend Gogeta

easy win

SSJ3 vegeta(2 TUR and 1 SR)


General blue

Golden frieza AGL(that nuke one)

ssj2 goku

ssj2 gohan(teen)

ultimate gohan

buuhan(no god)

dual Vegito Ultimate gohan purple(seal) gokussj2(ki)<-flexible golden frieza TEQ vegito ezpzlemonsqueeze

shenron(one TUR)

dual vegito 4 star dragon baby vegeta ssj gt goku gt goku golden frieza

FP frieza(farming for friezas)

gogeta godtenks(teq) godku golden frieza(agl) panbee ssjgoku(broly event) ezpz lemon squeeze

black goku(9)

gogeta panbee krillin(baba) godtenks(might change) beerus(might change) godku

Gohan(2 awaken, one do not have)

gogeta lead

PHY kid buu, fat buu, p cell

int piccolo buu

str pure evil buu

agl kid buu friend.

blue kaioken goku(have 2)

mono TEQ

SSJ3 goku(free goku awaken, no ssj3)

mono teq

Beerus:(3 awaken)

gogeta lead(for damage output. i have no good god card except that free sr ssbgoku and whfo goku dokkan)

sr ssb goku: damage output

sr android16

sr pan

sr chichi dokkan

sr ssj goku

for block and recovery.

when I could grab an android 13 for friend.i go with gogeta lead, hit with gogeta and SR INT ssbgoku.

When i could got a nuke SSb goku or vegeta, I go with kid buu lead, others just INT healer and blocker.

barely doable with kid buu lead and gogeta friend.

Janemba(do not have)

N/A, should be easy.

Vegito(awaken teq, do not have other)

godtenks beerus vegito ssj bardock(all teq) phy ssj gotenks str gogeta friend gotenks

Broly(farm Broly, do not have any TUR have 81)

gogeta goku gohan goten great saiyaman2(all event) agl frieza friend shenron

Did not tried



Bp 530000 (talk) 22:21, December 5, 2016 (UTC)