I've been playing Dokkan for a year now, and I'd be lying if I said my enthusiasm hasn't faded a bit. Not to the point where I'd quit (I'd need another really good mobile game to fill the spare time), but it has me thinking about all the different things I think would spice up Dokkan enough to keep me invested for years to come.

Most of these have probably been discussed already, nor am I likely the first person to come up with any of these ideas, but I'll list them anyways just to collect my thoughts. So here are 10 ideas to hopefully make Dokkan better (insert clickbait title):

1. Translation Fixes - This is a very minor one, but it's very difficult for me as a player to feel like the global translation team cares about the game when characters' names are so ignorantly translated. "Coora" is probably the most infamous example, but if the translation team knew anything about the Dragon Ball series (or even just read the wiki) mis-translations wouldn't be an issue. As a programmer I know how annoying it can be to do a Find/Replace for every instance of "Coora" in the code, but I think it's better than continuing to build on bad translations as if nothing is off.

2. More Unique Link Skills - Currently, links aren't very expansive. They boost health, attack, defense, and very occasionally heal a bit of health. I think the lack of link skills has shaped the meta quite a bit, giving rise to "optimal teams" such as the ones made on our tier list. If more unique link skills were added, it would diversify how different teams play, which could make archetypes that usually aren't that useful (such as Z Fighter characters) usable again. Some examples could be:

  • A link that adds/increases stun chance
  • A rare link that makes super attacks seal (when normally they wouldn't)
  • Links that add evasion, crit, or additional attack chances

And these are just links that use existing mechanics. If there was say, a certain fusion dance link, it could cause a fusion transformation if the two characters are next to each other in a rotation (with a chance of it making a failure character as well). Or perhaps a link skill that changes the types of the card for that round (TEQ->INT, INT->PHY, etc). The upcoming "categories" feature seems like it might be trying to remedy this a bit, but for the most part I think link skills could still be fleshed out considerably more. As an added bonus, diversifying the link skills would give a lot of currently useless characters new life, which could revitilize a rather stagnant team building mechanic.

3. Fleshed out Hidden Potential System - Orb grinding aside, my biggest complaint about the HP system is the lack of diversity in it. Every character has the same exact tree structure, the only things that change being the exact value of the stats they gain and the exact combination of additional attack/crit/evade they can get. The universal rule of "bottom right is best, followed by upper left" gets rather stagnant I think. When I remember reading about the system for the first time, I recall it advertising something along the lines of "make your characters unique" but my characters most definitely do not feel unique, just more powerful than they were before the system. It's a lot of design work to individualize the trees for hundreds of characters so I don't expect it to ever happen, but I would've liked a potential system that had irreversible choices and paths that are blocked when another is chosen and nodes that could add/remove links or alter their leader/passive skills.

4. Alternate Gods/Neo-Gods - There's no debate that the god leads are the hands down most useful cards in the game, and it's immediately apparent that the meta shapes around them. The tier list is a prime example of this, with a lot of units becoming better or worse due to their ability to link with the god lead and its supports. What I would like, as someone who enjoys building unique teams, is alternate god leads. OP characters with the same leader skills as the existing gods, but different links and passives. Again, it's something I don't think would ever happen, but I'd spend so much time in the Dokkan Team Builder if I had 2 or 3 choices per god/neo god lead.

5. Baba Shop Expansion - The recent update on global helped address this issue, but Baba's shop doesn't do a good job of preventing item dry spells. What I mean is being stuck not being able to awaken characters because you don't have certain common medals, or not having a particular type of training item. I think this sort of ties to Dokkan's underlying currency imbalance, where a lot of players will have too much zeni or Baba Points and no way to convert between the two. Again, the additional slots added to the shop helped a lot, but I don't see any reason why normal items and medals can't be available in unlimited amount, with the rarer items and medals being on a rotation as they currently are. On the same note of shops, replace the ancient "sell 10 at a time" system. This is a modern smartphone app, not a RPG from the 90s.

6. Daily Summons - This is a big one, and another that'll never happen, but in all honesty I think the rates in Dokkan are so bad that giving players 5 stones/1 ticket a day would barely put a dent in revenue, even more so if it's like the current global celebration and has its own banner. Dokkan has no shortage of events to keep players busy, but I feel as though a lot of newer players drop out once DS start becoming scarce and summons become a once-every-few-months kind of ritual. Summoning in any game such as Dokkan is the most satisfying experience (and it's designed that way), so a lot of players duck out once they hit the insurmountable pay wall. Daily summons, even on a banner such as the friend point banner, would at least help keep players' rosters fresh enough to want to continue despite not getting DS very often.

7. An Elder Kai for the Dupe System - I can barely pull these Dokkan festival cards once, much less 5 times. Considering how long the orb grind is already, I think an elder kai-like card that opens one path in the hidden potential system would make the system more tolerable for a lot of players. Stones could also be an option, considering they can already be used to reset the skill nodes in hidden potential, but I'd rather have a unique card for it.

8. More Farmable Supers - Of all the grinds this game has, farmable super attacks is probably my favorite. For some reason, just seeing the little +1 next to the super attack makes me forget how many times I had to run the level just to get one copy. Considering how picky they are about distributing Elder Kais (which I never understood), more farmable supers essentially equates to more F2P units, which helps retain players who don't pay for premium cards.

9. Item Roulettes - For a game that is has heavily based in gambling theory as Dokkan is, I'm surprised there isn't any kind of item roulette in the game. The login bonus is like a roulette in a way (though there may be a pattern, I don't care enough to pay attention), but an actual roulette that chooses between several items as your login bonus seems like a better system than whatever boring formula drives the existing one. The login bonuses definitely need revisited, which is apparent since Bandai has to juice up every event with login bonuses to encourage attendance (wouldn't have to do that if they were already enticed to log in in the first place). Even just a Dokkan lottery, where each day one of the millions of Dokkan players is randomly given a free SSR summon, would motivate a lot of dead accounts to return.

10. More Team/Item Slots - Remember the early days when you could only make one or two teams? Remember how finding the dragon balls in quest helped you unlock more slots? Good, because after that you're stuck with 6 team slots and 4 item slots for the remainder of the game. For a game that has 8 core teams (mono types and super/extreme) and usually requires you to make special teams for events, I never understood why we're so limited with team slots. I don't care if I have to pay stones to unlock more team slots, just let me make as many teams as I want so I don't have to keep overwriting one of them every time a new event opens.

Hopefully some of these suggestions come to pass down the line, but even if they don't I can still see myself playing this game for quite awhile. Feel free to share your opinions on my suggestions, and of course, your own suggestions for Dokkan. Bandai may not be known for taking direct feedback from players, but it doesn't hurt to dream :)