and now that the WT XIV is over, it's time for C O N S O L I D A T I O N ! ! !

Consolidation 000

the space between 150M DLs Celebration Gasha, Dual Dokkan Gasha, the Legendary Saiyan Gasha, and WT XIV definitely creates a new dilemma for me.

now I got quite a handful of new cards. some of them are really good. some I have dupes on. etc.

I've managed to Z-Awaken or Dokkan Awaken most of these new cards. but that left me with depleted awakening medals. also, certain training locations that are farmable are running low at 40+ and 40++. and....., also, training items, especially that turtle shells (the ones you get from Master Roshi's Turtle School Training).

on top of that, I have tons of TEQ Piccolo waiting to be consolidated, and also tons of TEQ Buu (Good) to be consolidated, and also dozens of other Dupes to be consolidated.

oh my..... H E A D A C H E ! ! !