150M DLs Summons and Dual Dokkan Summons (April 17, 2017)


New additions (unsorted),

Thum 1009340EI Goku Black (Super Saiyan Rosé)     Thum 2000230 1FWtF SS Gohan (Future)

Thum 1002080 1AGE SSGSS SS Goku     Thum 1004080 1BF SSGSS Vegeta    Thumb 1008410LF Super Vegito

Thum 1007920NE SSGSS Goku     Thumb ssgssvegeta 6901PH SSGSS Vegeta     Thum 1003280 1ASoR SS Trunks (Teen)

Piccolo7thuniverseSfUS Piccolo      Gotenks ssr teq D baseES SS3 Gotenks    Thum 1002990 1EaG SS Trunks (GT)

Thum 2000250 1RoD Android #18 (Future)     Thum 1009320MRF SSGSS Vegito     Thum 2000710 1BBD Zangya

Thum 1003290 1SP Super Trunks    Thum 1005260 1PC Vegito     Thum 1005410 1CF Gotenks    Thum 1008140RO Buu (Kid)

Base Buu ultimate pre dokk intUMM Majin Buu (Ultimate Gohan)     Thum 1005150DS Turles (Giant Ape)    

Thum 1008860CtD Trunks (Teen) (Future)     Thum 1003240 1LBE SS3 Vegeta     Thum 1002800 1WP Super Janemba


Duplicates from 150M and Dual Dokkan pulls (unsorted),

Thum 1009340EI Goku Black (Super Saiyan Rosé)     Thum 1002470 1CI Coora     Thum 1003570 1TSM Majin Buu (Gotenks)

Thum 1002080 1AGE SSGSS SS Goku    Thumb ssgssgoku 6809UA SSGSS Goku    Thumb 1008410LF Super Vegito

Thum 1007920NE SSGSS Goku     Thum 1003280 1ASoR SS Trunks (Teen)    Gotenks ssr teq D baseES SS3 Gotenks

Thum 1009320MRF SSGSS Vegito    Thum 2000710 1BBD Zangya    Base Buu ultimate pre dokk intUMM Majin Buu (Ultimate Gohan)

Thum 1005150DS Turles (Giant Ape)     Thum 1008720SDM Syn Shenron    Thum 1004710 1FF Ultimate Gohan

Thum 1001020 1MG Master Roshi     Thum 1004360 1BW SS Goten (Kid) Thum 1002090 1TGH SSGSS Vegeta

Thum 1002110 1CA Beerus     Thum 1001690 1TP Perfect Cell


Plus dozens others. Some of which were more useful than others, some less useful, and some dupes.

Challenge: Orbs for H.P.A. system

Like many other players on GLB, I face shortage of orbs of any Types (AGL-TEQ-INT-STR-PHY) IF I decide to activate several of the new cards' Hidden Potentials.

Current logic goes, this is not possible in the short- to mid-term. So it will be a long-term investment thing.

Like other players, too, I will be faced with a few to some challenging decisions to make on which specific card or cards I want to focus on activating the Hidden Potentials of.

This situation is acceptable to me. Why? For an online game, if and when everybody reaches greatness all at, or at about the same time, or within a short span of time, then, the future continuity of that online game would be put at risk.

Too easily satisfied, people tend to walk away. Too quickly satisfied, people tend to walk away. Too fully satisfied, people tend to walk away. Too frequently satisfied, people can also walk away.

Then there is the......... Too dissatisfied, people walk away. Too often dissatisfied, people walk away. etc.

Final Thoughts

In general, I think Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.'s (BNEI) teams succeeded for the 150M DLs and Dual Dokkan events on GLB. They got players on GLB excited, entertained, challenged.

I also think players are satisfied with the events in general. I think an applause or two are well deserving for the team/s involved behind the Dokkan Battle project and the 150M DLs and Dual Dokkan events. Except for the (very) new players, perhaps.

Some are more satisfied than others. Some less. Some much more satisfied than others. Some much less. If it's to be averaged, I would've personally and subjectively guessed that, overall, the score would fall in the range of  7/10 to 8/10, which is actually quite decent.

On one hand, it's generally a success. On the other, there are still rooms for improvements.

In any project, or work, when the team/s view the work of it, or the completion of it as a perfection, or perceived as to have already achieved perfection, would, in actual fact, be a failure, a fallacy of creative progress, and/or a delusional mindset.

It is of my personal belief that I believe it is better to be imperfect, to have mistakes, to err on the occassions, to sin just a wee bit. That way, there are always rooms for improvements. There would always be a goal, an objective, or something more/better to achieve. How can one exceed, how can one become more, when one is already (easily) satisfied and become fully (and easily) contented? Some rooms for creativity, for progress, etc. is good and all.

In some projects, the team/s involved would need to continually and repeatedly generate fresh, creative, and constructive ideas. To find ways to make the game interesting, to keep new players coming, to keep active old players to stay, and etc. And, their manager/s need to keep working on motivating his/her team/s, and also be accountable for the success/failure and income generation of the project. Dokkan Battle is one of the many projects under the BNEI holding company.

And, what does it mean from my perspective as a Dokkan Battle player, and a Dragon Ball fan?

Like all the rest of the tens of thousands maybe millions of other players,

We Want More!
We Want You (BNEI) to keep the good stuffs going, and, coming!
We Want You to Create Your Best! and,
We Want You to Bring Us Your Best, Too!