As of this entry, among my personal collection of cards, I am weakest with my AGL type. This is followed by my PHY type.

My strongest AGL cards (sorted by ATK) at the moment are,

The AGL cards I tend to use more often are,

What I would like to see more in the near future would be, 1 more better AGL Nuker, 2-3 more better AGL Hitters, and 1 more better AGL Orb Changer. I reckon if that's achieved, my AGL collection would be more balanced.

Of all the AGL cards in my collection, there are several AGL cards that I perceived as..... weird. I don't really know how to explain it in words. These cards, for me, are just plain weird. For example,

The current situation is different compared to 5-6 months back, when I was weakest with INT and PHY type.

I started this game strongest with AGL type. But 2-4 months into the game, that shifted to TEQ, and then to STR.

Currently, I am strongest with my collection of STR cards, followed by TEQ and INT cards. TEQ and INT cards are roughly on the same standing. Balance-wise, I am most balanced with my collection of STR and TEQ cards. As I have more options in my collection of STR and TEQ cards that are Nukers, Orb Changer/s, Hitters, Support/Defensive, and Support/Offensive.

I guess I will be focusing slightly more on better/stronger AGL cards over the next few months. Not that I haven't try over the last 2-3 months, but for some weird reasons, I have always been on an Uncle-Scrooge-mode with AGL banner pulls, yet I wouldn't mind spending a bit more pulls for other types.

One thing unrelated with this entry I would like to jot here is that, I usually refer to the game's cards as "cards" instead of him/her. Why? Simply because they are cards. So for me, each of this game's cards are an "it."

They are not human beings, they are not people. They are objects, dead things. Perhaps, something slightly more correct would be a virtual object.

However, I do refer to the cards' characters as gender-specific, he, she, him, her, only when the context calls for it.

It's not a matter of preference. It's just something that's already conditioned in my brain. So it comes somewhat naturally/automatically.