This specific entry is not remotely game-related.

I have 3 catz, a tomcat and 2 female kittens (yet-to-be queens).

That dang tomcat of mine often displayed unexemplary behavior by stealthily creepin'/climbin' towards any of the 2 laptops I owned and just lay there. Just lay there won't be a problem if he weighs a pound or so.

Thing is, he weighs 10-12 pounds or thereabout. So, yea, a bit on the chubby side.

He always do that if and when he,

i) Got pissed with me for not letting him out to roam in the open. Sure, he didn't piss on me, but laying on my laptop is the same as him pissin' on me, as this dang tomcat knew all too well I don't like it when he is on top of my laptop's keyboard.
ii) Wants TLC = Tender-Loving-Care = Attentions.

Now, one of the laptops I use for work have been sat on by my tomcat once too often. The keyboard buttons are not as springy after all those sit-ins this dang tomcat had done.

To make matters a bit worse, those two other kitties observed the older tomcat's behaviors all the time, and sometimes, imitate/mimick some of his behaviors. But they improvised. No siree, they didn't sit or lay ontop of the laptop's keyboards. 'stead, they use it as a springboard, to jump or leap or do acrobatic somersaults.

I tell ya, catz are one of a kind creatures. Sure they can be cuddly, pleasing, and fun to be around with or to play with. But sometimes, they do things that can border on the "WTF did you just do to my laptop!!!"