I've had lotsa fun pairing up cards in their base forms and dokkan awakened forms in the same team. Unfortunately, I only got so many cards (base + dokkan awakened) collection -- which aren't too many.

It's kinda fun for me, 'coz I get to see what such a combination could unleash.

I did wished that all Super Strike cards' base and dokkan awakened forms can be paired up. But such would not be the case. Hey BandaiNamco, maychance you let that as a leeway in the (near) future? Would be fun for us all!

Last, but not least, I do kinda wish I have more cards that I can tinker with without too much investment. LMAO

update #1: gotta revise my sentence "Hey BandaiNamco.." 'coz the game is developed by Akatsuki. Inc.
Akatsuki Inc