Time and again, this game taught me that many things are not a 100% guarantee. Even with the so-called chance, or high chance, there are not many things in-game that are a 100% guarantee. Especially so if a 100% guarantee favors you instead of them.

Rather, I reckon this parallels real life. Where many things in real life are not a 100% guarantee. It also defines well what's meant by, not everything (in life) are free. LMAO

I assume there might be a cycle or cycles (not necessarily in the order below) that may or may not occur when one experiences a not-a-100%-guarantee situation.

For example, anticipation (hope) => delusional or wishful thinking (imagination) => wanting more (desire) => being dejected / being elated => euphoria. Etc.

It's like gambling in the casino. Or speculating (instead of investing) in the stock market.

The more frequent that you bet, the higher the amount you stake, the higher the risk. The higher the risk, the greater the reward, but also the greater the loss.

In business classes, or in economic classes, there're such concepts called "opportunity costs," "sunk costs," "hidden costs," and "collateral damages."

I have flown kites before, and I prefer I reign over my kites, and I much prefer I am the one doing the reigning. I've accelerated fast before on cars and bikes, but I also prefer I am the one stepping on the brakes or pulling the hand brakes. So that's that.

No more pulls for me. Back to my earlier in-game priority, farming the remaining medals for the LR Goku. This event costs and will cost a lot of STA, and likely require DS's STA refills many times.