Below is a list of official BNEI games and their respective sites' landing pages. I have also included a few additional sites related to BNEI's officially endorsed products/merchandises.

BNEI (JP HQ) - DragonBall Game Portal - list LP - DB Game Portal 000

BNEI complete games list LP - BNEI All Games Directory Listing 000

Dragon Ball related

Dragon Ball SSSS 30th Anniversary

SSSS = Super Saiyan Special Site LP - DB30th SSSS 000

Official DBZ Dokkan Battle site

「ドラゴンボールZ ドッカンバトル」

  • = doragonbōru Z     dokkanbatoru
  • = Dragon Ball Z     Dokkan Battle  (Japanese) LP - DBZ Dokkan Battle 000

DB Xenoverse LP - DB Xenoverse 000

DB Heroes X - Ultimate Mission LP - DB Heroes X - Ultimate Mission 000

LP - DB Heroes X - Ultimate Mission 001

Dragonball Z: Extreme Butoden LP - DBZ Extreme Butoden 000

Dragon Ball Z BotsNew Characters VR LP - DBZ BotsNew Characters VR 000 LP - BotsNew Characters VR 000

Dragon Ball Zenkai Battle (2on2) LP - DB Zenkai Battle 000a

LP - DB Zenkai Battle 001

LP - DB Zenkai Battle Arcade 002

non Dragon Ball related

One Piece Treasure Cruise LP - OnePiece Treasure Cruise 000

HunterxHunter - Battle All Stars LP - HunterxHunter - Battle All Stars 000

Action Figures and more

Banpresto Craneking DB-DBZ Action Figures LP - Banpresto Craneking DB-DBZ Action Figures 000

LP - Banpresto Craneking - SMSD poster 000

Arcade Products

BNEI Arcade Products LP - BNEI Arcade Products 000

LP - BNEI Arcade Products 001

Casino Game Cabinet

BNEI Casino Game Cabinet

LP - BNEI - Pacman Wild Edition - Casino Game Cabinet 000

sources: BNEI official site and related products' sites


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