This entry was actually meant as the whole bulk that was posted in the Q&A Forum. I wanted to know if anybody has tried an ALL Opponents' ATK Debuffing Team. And whether a team with 6 cards that Debull All Opponents' Attack actually work in-battle.

For example,

EN Frost (Final Form) + EF Cell (Perfect Form) + CF Cell (1st Form) + TPoE Golden Frieza + EoE Frieza (1st Form) + a friend's card that boosts Ki, or that boosts Ki for AGL. CF Cell (1st Form) and EoE Frieza (1st Form) can be replaced with, for example, AS Frost (Assault Form), TC King Cold, HME Omega Shenron, etc.

In the example above, EN Frost (Final Form)'s Passive is "Attacked enemy's ATK -25%," which is a conditional.

While the others' Passives are, "All ATK -30%," "All ATK -25%," "All ATK -12%," "All ATK -10%," and All ATK -8%," non-conditional.

It can sum up to All ATK -60% or higher. a mismatched (a poorer setup lacking links) would end up with , All ATK -100% (mathematically, beyond -100%).

Sure, their attacks and special attacks would not inflict high to great damages vs event's boss/es, say for example, Lvl 2 The Terrifying Transforming Majin, Lvl 2 The Unparalleled Paragon of Hope, etc. But with the combined ATK Debuffing Passives, bosses' attacks and special attacks will come up to, next to nothing. It will enable us to whittle away the opponents' HP bar, and ideally, save up on a lot of support and healing items.

It's just a wild fancy on my part, but I am very curious on the possibility. What I am not certain is, would all their Passives sum up as a whole, and would it affect (debuff) the boss/es as a whole, etc.?

Reflecting on the Yamcha card' kamikaza Passive that reduces its own ATK to 0, there's something interesting I learned. Even when it reduces its own ATK to 0, it can still inflict damage on any opponent.

From the few tests I've observed personally, it can damage 100+ to 300+. So, since it works on that Yamcha card, I assumed there's the possibility that it will work on any events' bosses IF one uses the ALL ATK Debuffer Team. That is, "bosses' attacks and special attacks will come up to, next to nothing."

Also, another thing I've noticed is that, there is no bosses that has the skill to cancel/negate any Debuffs that we inflict on them. There are currently on GLB, however, 2 cards that cancel/negate any/all Debuffs that opponents inflict on our team, NLW Android #16, and UBS Dracula Man.

Last, but not least, if an All ATK Debuffing Team works, it would be excellent to try it at the World Tournament's x20 difficulty to clinch that hundreds of wins.