A Comparative Analysis

Below list my current thoughts on characters that can transform into Giant Apes,


  • Temporary invincibility
  • May save you 1-2 healing or support items
  • May last more than 2 rounds.
  • (Battle & Transforming) animations look rather cool
  • Good "Saiyan" link skills -- ability to bridge Super and Extreme characters


  • Giant Apes do not inflict very high damage with their Special Attacks
  • Giant Apes cannot perform Dokkan Super Attack
  • Orbs of the same Type as the Giant Ape do not replenish Team's HP
  • May not save you any healing or support items (redundancy)
  • May last only 2 rounds (unpredictability)
  • Transforming to Giant Ape may mess up characters' positioning in the slots
  • Transforming to Giant Ape is Chance-based (unpredictability)
  • (Battle & Transforming) animations get old real fast
  • Without Ki boosts from Leader Skill, Passive Skill, and/or Link Skills, Giant Apes just do normal attacks that may or may not be effective against certain boss/es in certain event/s (unpredictability; shortcoming) -- may end up wasting a player's real-life's time on the extended rounds in a battle