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Event vegeta story big
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Challenge the event and recruit Vegeta to your team! Collect Treasure Items in this event to exchange for awesome rewards!

One day, Bulma's friends gathered on a cruise ship to celebrate her birthday. Everyone is in high spirits, except for Vegeta. However, little did they know that the God of Destruction was about to intrude this joyful party... Vegeta, who once considered Goku to be the strongest, was determined to become the ultimate No. 1. His fighting spirit was lit once again.
Difficulty Boss Type Rank XP Char XP Drop Rate Qty DS icon
Level 1: Vegeta's Family Day
Normal 8 Thum 1001760 1 TEQ icon 1600 3000 Trunks Kid Vegeta 0-1 1
Zhard 15 Thum 1001760 1 STEQ icon 9900 8000 Trunks Kid Vegeta 0-3 1
Level 2: Birthday Party and the God of Destruction
Normal 8 SSRINTBeerusThum INT icon 1600 4000 Russian Roulette Takoyaki

Zhard 15 SSRINTBeerusThum SINT icon 9900 13000 Russian Roulette Takoyaki

Level 3: Vegeta's Rage
Normal 8 URINTBeerusThum INT icon 1600 5000 Bulma Vegeta 0-1 1
Zhard 16 URINTBeerusThum SINT icon 9900 18000 Bulma Vegeta 0-3 1
Level 4: To a New Realm
Normal 8 Thum 1002120 1 INT icon 1600 6000 SRAGLVegetaThum 20% 0-1 1
Zhard 16 Thum 1002120 1 SINT icon 9900 22000 SRAGLVegetaThum 65% 0-2 1

Additional Information
  • Level 2: Pudding can be obtained by landing on the rainbow circles Rainbow Pad.
  • Zeni amount is the same as Char exp
  • SRAGLVegetaThum once awoken to SSR can be used for 50% super attack raise on other Vegetas

Base Card Quantity Awakened Card Dupes needed Raised SA
SRAGLVegetaThum Trunks Kid Vegetax10 Bulma Vegetax10 SSRAGLVegeta&BulmaThum SSRAGLVegeta&BulmaThum x4 URSTRVegeta&BulmaThum (50% chance at UR)
SSRSTRSS2VegetaThum SS2 Vegetax7 Trunks Kid Vegetax7 Bulma Vegetax7 URSTRVegeta&BulmaThum
SSRINTBeerusThum Beerus Vegetax7 URINTBeerusThum
LR UR Beerus Beerus Vegetax7 Bulma Vegetax7 STR LR Beerus
Total amount for all
Trunks Kid Vegetax17 Bulma Vegetax24 SS2 Vegetax7 Beerus Vegetax14 Trunks Kid Vegetax40 Bulma Vegetax40 SS2 Vegetax0 Beerus Vegetax0 Trunks Kid Vegetax57 Bulma Vegetax64 SS2 Vegetax7 Beerus Vegetax14

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