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"I will ask Fortuneteller Baba to return me for 1 day on that day!"
"The man that came from the heavens!? Challenge him, who has an unwithering fighting spirit!!"
"Your opponent is a resident of the after life!? Be victorious over the warrior with untiring discipline!!"

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Difficulty Boss Type Rank XP Zeni Drop Rate DS icon
Level 1: Ressurection of the Strongest Warrior
Zhard 40 1st = Thum 1002860 1

2nd = Thum 1005070jap
3rd = Thum 1005180

SAGL icon
STEQ icon

SPHY icon

15000 25000 Awak med 05281 3 1
Super2 1st = Thum 1002860 1

2nd = Thum 1005070jap
3rd =Thum 1005180
4th =Thum 1010260

SAGL icon
STEQ icon

SPHY icon
STEQ icon

20000 35000 Awak med 05281 7 1
Additional information
  • You cannot use dragon stone to revive or continue on any of the stages.
  • There is a 3-2-1 countdown, if it hits 0 then he will do a Super ATK that will hit for over 20 million Damage and will kill you instantly. You can delay this Ultimate Attack with Support items and Super ATK seals.
    • Passive skill "Reduce damage" is nullified. Meaning characters like Super Vegito and Golden Frieza or other characters that reduce damage they take, will take full damage