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Welcome! This is a list of amazing people who help the wikia! Feel free to message any of them, they'll definitely help you.

Nononyan - He is the person who created this wikia. Thanks to him!

Tigrouille AvatarTigrouille - Dictator, the boss in the wikia.

CakeBuu - Ideas man, creator of many pages.
Comrade SS - Adds new information when it comes out.
GROSJUNG - Creator of many thumbnails, medals, and other important images.
NegativeSymptom - Has great knowledge of the Japanese version, helps other users.

Content Moderators:
Enderverse - Help quite a lot with pages
HorusDB - Helps with new cards and creates animated LR thumbnails.
Matt2905 - Awesome helper, infinite knowledge about code.
Mazdafreak - Card quotes manager, article cleaner.
ThisUserLikesOreo - Redirect fixer, keeps link skill pages up to date.

Courtesy Squad:
Dragenser - Squad Leader

Special Thanks:
AsfaltaCristi - Addition of HD card artworks.
Dokkan Master - Former admin, inactive right now.
Khaesho - Mathematical algorithm genius, progress tracker.
Namekiankai - Old Admin, bot manager.
NMBRHNTR64 - Old Courtesy Squad Leader.
RenanRoppongiHouse - Addition of HD card artworks.
SaiyajinTurles - Super Attack quotes.
Son19 - Disambiguation pages and categories champion.
TTeglas - Link skill updates.
XCpwner1337 - SA Animations.
Xikhuang - Old Courtesy Squad, grammatical error checker.
Yaronos - Bulk category adding.

We want to thank all the contributors!

Helpful Websites:
DBZ Space - Early Global translations, especially for the Japanese updates. Art assets and card data.
Dokkan Battle Sub Reddit - Provides information on the Japanese version and other useful information.
Dokkan Info - Statistics on drop rates.
Dokkan Stats - Rates for summons.