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How It Works:

To join the Budokaï Tenkaichi (World Martial Arts Tournament), simply press the circular orange button at the main screen stating, "World Tournament."

There are small tourneys you play that require STAmina. Each tourney has 4 rounds, each subsequent round has increasing STAmina cost.

Each round has items scattered around the map, such as, healing items, support items, awakening items, zenis, maxed out Non-rare / Rare cards, and Ki boosts.

+ The Preliminary (also known as the 1st Round) has the biggest map (5x5), and costs 10 STA where you fight against 3 other players' teams controlled by the computer. The player with the smallest die roll make the first move. (1st Round = Preliminary Round = Qualifying Round)

It is not necessary to fight all three opponents. You can either let them kill each other, and fight whoever's left, or fight all of them. By not fighting or by not picking enough fight points, there's a chance you cannot proceed to the next round.

The two left standing, or the two with the most points left standing progress to the second round.

There's a limit to how many moves (max. 10 moves) you and the other three opponents can make. Once those moves are up, the round is over.

With each tile you move, you gain 1 point. If you move 5 tiles, you gain 5 points. You also gain 1,000 points by landing or moving over your Starting tile.

+ The 2nd Round (5x3) costs 15 STA where you fight against 1 opponent's team controlled by the system. Beat the opponent and you advance to the 3rd round. (2nd Round = Quarterfinal)

You are allowed 9 moves per round for all 4 rounds. Once those 9 moves are spent, the announcer will call off the battle and you will still need to fight the opponent/s. The 9 moves per round allow you time to move around the map to heal and to pick up other items.

+ The 3rd (5x3) and 4th Rounds (5x3) are the same as the 2nd, you'll have to fight 1 computer-controlled opponent. The 4th round costs 20 STA instead of 15 STA like the 2nd and 3rd round. (3rd Round = Semifinal; 4th Round = Final)

After each round, you gain points that move you up the 9 ranks and you will receive a golden medal after each completed tourney.

Acquire a certain amount of golden medals and you'll receive rewards. 10 golden medals reward you with 10 training area items. 15 medals reward you with 15 senzu beans 30 medals reward you with 1 Supreme Kai awakening medal. 100 golden medals reward you with 1 SSR-guaranteed ticket.

If you lose a battle in any of the 4 rounds, you have to start over.

Winning tourneys can place you in the ranking placement of 101-1000, 1001-2500, 2501-5000, 5001-10000, and so on. Your ranking at the end of the tournament determines the final prizes you will get.


There are 9 ranks in total :

  1. Videl
  2. Master Roshi
  3. Korin
  4. Kami
  5. King Yema
  6. King Kai
  7. Supreme Kai
  8. Old Kai
  9. Beerus

How Points Work:

On The Map

  • Move 1 tile = 1 point

Crossing over or landing on your Starting position in the 1st round = 1,000 points

In a Battle

  • Take 1 wrong color orb = 1 point per orb
  • Take a rainbow orb = 2 points per orb
  • Take 1 good color orb = 4 points per orb


  • Color Type Advantages : AGL icon > STR icon > PHY icon > INT icon > TEQ icon > AGL icon
  • Super/Extreme Type Advantages : SUPER > EXTREME > SUPER
Advantage KO Disadvantage KO Neutral Type KO Advantage Super KO Disadvantage Super KO
UR Cards 1800 points 900 points 900 points 3600 points 1800 points
SSR Cards 1350 points 675 points 675 points 2700 points 1300 points

Super Attack can give you up to 2x points based on the advantage/disadvantage KOs you get with it.

Example :

  • AGL icon SSJ2 vs STR icon SSJ3 Goku = 1800 point (Advantage KO)
  • STR icon SSJ Goku vs INT icon SSJ Gohan = 900 point (Super vs Super Type KO)
  • STR icon SSJ Bardock vs TEQ icon FF Cooler = 1800 point (Super vs Extreme KO)
  • AGL icon SSJ Goku vs TEQ icon SSJ2 Goku = 900 point (Type Disadvantage KO)

If you win with a Dokkan Super Attack, you earn 2x points based on Type Advantage (Advantage = 3.6k, Disadvantage = 1.8k).


+ Do pay attention on team members' placement during a battle to earn the maximum points with Type Advantage :

How-to manage position of your characters ?

+ There are two methods to get points :

  1. Farm the preliminary round (the 1st Round), or
  2. Win a complete tourney (1st Round to Final Round)

Method 1 costs 10 STAmina and nets about 30-50k points. You'll then need to concede (or give up) the tourney to acquire the points.

The 1st Round of the WT is really long since you need to defeat 3 opponents to maximize your points, but there is the risk of the opponents fighting and defeating each other. Be sure to target the "Bonus Get" opponents first.

  • Pro : Better ratio for points/STAmina
  • Con : Poor ratio for points/time; opponents may attack and defeat each other

Method 2 costs 60 STAmina and nets about 120-150k points. You'll also receive bonus points upon completing the stages following the preliminary round. Most players will do Method 2 until they reach 80 wins (or 100 wins) depending on the prize pools, and then finish off by doing Method 1.

  • Pro : Good ratio for points/time
  • Con : Poor ratio for point/STAmina


  • 1st round (bonus 4.000 points) Pts = 30-50k / Time = 6 min / ACT = 10 -> 5-8k/min / 3-5k/ACT
  • Quarterfinal (bonus 12.000 points) Pts = 25k / Time = 2 min / ACT = 15 -> 12.5k/min / 1.5k/ACT 
  • Semifinal (bonus 16.000 points) Pts = 30k / Time = 2 min / ACT = 15 -> 15k/min / 2k/ACT 
  • Final (bonus 24.000 points) Pts = 40k / Time = 2 min / ACT = 20 -> 20k/min / 2k/ACT
  • Rewards During Tournament

XP rank,

  • 1st round : 500 xp
  • Quarterfinal : 1.000 xp
  • Semifinal : 1.500 xp
  • Final : 2.400 xp

XP team,

  • 1st round : 10.000 xp
  • Quarterfinal : 20.000 xp
  • Semifinal : 60.000 xp
  • Final : 120.000 xp


  • 1st round : Ƶ
  • Quarterfinal : Ƶ
  • Semifinal : 25.000 Ƶ
  • Final : 100.000 Ƶ

Rewards In Past World Tournaments:

1st WT 2nd WT 3rd WT 4th WT The 5th 6th WT 7th WT The 8th The 9th The 10th The 11th WT The 12th WT

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